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Multiple menus
IksMenu supports creating multiple menus and displaying them on the same page.
Admin editor
Great looking editor for quick and easy settings change with live preview and no coding.
Customize everything
Unlimited color schemes, fonts sizes and decorations. Change appearance for different states.
Manage settings
You can save your settings and apply them to any other menu. Also import and export only settings of appearance.

Super Customizable Accordion Menu

Supports custom WordPress menus, FAQs and any taxonomies, like posts categories, WooCommerce products and so on

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Main Advantages

Why should you definitely try Iks Menu

Highly Customizable

Iks Menu has a totally flexible appearance, allowing to set backgrounds, custom width and use all colors of the world!

Requires No Coding Skills

You do not need to learn coding to use Iks Menu! Just set all the settings using a specially designed editor with instant live preview

Includes starter skins

20+ Awesome looking menus out of the box. Start using skins with clean design right now with just one click

Super Documentation

Whenever you get questions when using Iks Menu, feel free to contact efficient 24/7 support and read detailed documentation to get all the answers!

Export & Import

Once you’ve styled up your menus, you might need to export the settings to use them all over again for another site

Updates coming soon

The plugin is being developed every day. We will provide many new updates in the near future


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Iks Menu

Plugin in numbers

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Starter skins (6 FREE)
Toggle icons (17 FREE)
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Unique settings
Menu appear animation
Sub-menu animations (PRO)
Toggle animations (1 FREE)

Color schemes

Element's decorations

Pleasure from development

Let's see some examples

Iks Menu was made with attention to details

  • You can disable links to pages for terms, that have children.

  • Enable different animations for collapsing & expanding sub-menus

  • Enable collapsing previously expanded terms when clicking on a new one

  • Enable collapsing children terms when clicking on it's parent

  • Set any duration of collapsing & expanding sub-menus. And also you can turn it off completely

  • Enable saving state for previously expanded terms when clicking on a new one

  • Enable saving collapsing state for children terms when clicking on it's parent

  • Start using skins with clean design right now with just one click

  • 7 FREE skins and 15+ more PRO skins!

  • Customize appearance for any part of menu: image, text, containers, toggles and etc.

And Iks Menu now supports FAQs!

With automatically created custom post type

Iks Menu provides a best set of features to create user-friendly FAQs for your users:

  • HTML in answers
  • 🌆 Images for questions
  • Fast and usable menu editor with instant preview!
  • Customize appearance for any part of menu (colors, fonts, margins, paddings, heights and widths without any coding)
  • Customize appearance for multiple states (like Hover, Current and Children)
  • Supports exporting and importing settings to reuse it again (all settings or just for appearance)
  • Provides various unique settings for your FAQs
  • Provides awesome looking skins made especially for FAQs

A good website experience anticipates the needs of a user at every stage of their journey, and on every page. It’s intuitive and all information is easy to access.

FAQs are an integral part of the user experience and their objective is to preempt as many questions as possible from the user.

FAQ sections usually consist of a series of categories and questions with concise answers across one or a few pages. A knowledge base is usually an extensive directory with comprehensive articles accessed by a search facility.

Where do you start writing your questions? Let your audience tell you.

Customer services: The first stage for researching your FAQ starts with your customer-facing services and sales teams. Speak to your customer service departments; they understand what issues your users are having more than anyone.
Site search: Check the keywords in your site search to see what users are searching for.
Google search console: Check queries in GSC to see what phrases have clicks. Filter by question modifiers such as ‘how’ or ‘can.’
People Also Ask: Check the PAA box on SERPs for keywords surrounding your products and categories — this will give you strong clues for potential FAQs.
Quora and other questions sites: What did we do before Quora? Search for keywords and topics relevant to your service/brand and see what questions users are asking.
Keyword research: Searching for questions under your head categories will also help you to surface more FAQs to answer…

As you consider compiling a set of questions, it might not be immediately clear where to start. By understanding a few best practices, it’s very manageable.

  • Intuitively group categories to make a much better user experience
    By organizing your questions into natural categories a users can quickly navigate to what they need. Imagine the same process as an information architecture.
  • Write your question from the perspective of the customer
    This helps the user connect with the question more easily and it helps you to provide relevant information more clearly.
  • Use language that your user will understand
    Following copywriting 101 standards, always use language and terminology that your user understands so that they will connect with the dialogue and your brand. Never use terminology or complex ‘industry speak’ that your user might not understand
  • Use your brand personality and Tone of Voice
    Your FAQ is an extension of customer services, so this is a space where you want to show users how great you are. As with all the content on your website, use your personality and connect with your audience. Every piece of content is an opportunity to represent your brand.
  • Write your FAQ as concise, informative and directly answer the question
    The point of an FAQ is to answer questions, but in a concise way that gets the message across quickly. The user doesn’t want to read a 5,000 word in-depth guide to tell them how to return a parcel, including ‘what is a parcel’ and ‘why a parcel is important’. Answer the question directly and to the point. Start out with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question if relevant and construct your narrative as if you were replying to someone asking the question. Save the long-form responses for a knowledge base.
  • Present your FAQ in the most visually organized manner
    Using accordions with FAQ is one way to present a lot of information in an organized format. Accordions also have the benefit of keeping a user on one page. Having to click through several sections to find a quick answer causes friction.
  • Feature top questions at the top of the page
    Pin top questions on the page to create an information hierarchy for the most commonly asked questions.
  • Keep information up to date

Live Editor

Pay attention to a great looking editor for quick and easy settings change with live preview and no coding.